—–Please pray for my cousin Larry’s grandbaby who is in the hospital with the flu and pneumonia.  Rose

—–Please pray for Brian and all the pastors who are attending the prayer conference.

—–Steve is still considered a “Critical Care” patient. His fever is still going up
to as high as 101.5 and than back down again. What the doctors are very
concerned now is that his stomach is swollen up and a lot of gas has built up
from the surgery. It is also causing a lot of pain. They mentioned that they are
afraid his bowels are paralyzed from the surgery and all of the strong pain
meds. If they are not able to get the swelling down, than they will have to go
down his throat with a tube to release some of it. He still has no
appetite, but is able to drink “Nepro”, a supplemental drink made for dialysis
patients. He is relearning how to walk, but is not able to walk on his own yet.
He is asleep most of the time, except when his pain becomes very intense. He
keeps wanting to go home. Continuing to pray for our God’s healing power. Thank
you so much for your prayers and support….. Mary

—–Please pray that baby Eva will be returned to me.  I fled my abusive husband and now he has come to the USA and won temporary custody of her.  Mandee

—–First of all.. I would like to ask you to pray for my eye.. months ago I got an inflammation and have gone to two eye specialists who did not act like they cared one bit for me nor eye and its vision.   It seems to be getting worse/and I am really getting really anxious.   Of course, the anxiety does not help at all.. but probably hurts the situation.  Second.. continue to pray about our car accident.. I still have to deal with insurance company/ies.. and we are without a car.    We had a rental until January 2nd, and had to turn it back in.   George can not sub.. So basically this message is a request for much prayers.Jerri


Prayer Requests for January 8