I am still on vacation but here are some  prayer requests that come in since last time.

—–Please pray for Vicki who is having serious breathing problems.  Linda

—–Please pray for the family of Brian Townsend a missionary who was missing in Belize and whose body has been found.

—-Pray for Gabriela. She is a 45 year old sister from our church in ______. She is married and has 3 children (6, 10 and 12) and suffers from breast cancer. She was in Woodland Health Retreat (Portugal) and had a therapy there. She had a leatril therapy and eats raw food only, drinks fresh juice, aso, she did eversthing what she could do very consequent. Mentaly she is fine but her body is ful of metastases. The vertrebas are effected, other bones and in the brain there is one, too. Tomorrow we start a 8 or 10 days fasting and praying in the church. We pray for a miracle and that she can be healed. God did a lot in her heart and she has peace and is ready to die also. But she likes to live if it is Gods plan and for His honor. Frank and Monika

——-Please pray for Emily and her boys Tristan 5 and Rami 3. that God will deliver them from the terrible situation they are in. She needs deliverance from Satan’s
power. The boys need a loving mother like she once was. I am asking God to
intervene in this situation….GOD KNOWS IT IS VERY BAD….PG

——My dad is in the hospital with heart issues, recovering
from a much needed procedure. Also, Sandra Crow, minister of “Because we
care” Ministries is having knee surgery today. Please keep them in your
prayers. Thank you. Yvonne

—–Please pray for Brian and the other pastors who will be travelling next week to the meetings on prayer. Rose

More Prayer Requests