——I need prayers for our family, Jim’s cousin was involved in a roll over accident, (we don’t know how she is). Apparently the paramedics said she wasn’t breathing at the scene of the accident, I just had to call Megan her daughter. Please pray for our family. Update they had to fly her out of ____ hospital to ____ better equipped there for this type of trauma, and Joan her daughter was not in the accident but she has been through too much trauma this year, her husband died at Christmas, and then Lois tried to commit suicide a month ago, and now she got into this accident, so I am just worried for Megan. Kelly
—–Please pray for Amy who is going through a divorce. RJ
——Please pray for my daughter who has just learned she has a spot on her breast during a mammogram. They will be testing this on Monday. Also please pray that her sister-in-law will stop the harassment of cyber bulling and from removing her Dad’s grave flowers. She is under extreme stress from both of these. Linda J.
—–Please pray for a friend’s son who fell out of a third story window and has multiple injuries. Pray for the surgeon and for the family and that there will be complete healing. Esther

Prayer Requests