Eli is really struggling. He is very swollen from the process in general. He is having a very difficult time with the mouth sores and the pain. The ENT doctor came in but wanted to scope down Eli’s nose into his throat to see the sores. He just couldn’t do it so he sent them away. The nurses are watching him to make sure his airway doesn’t become affected. He needs prayers for comfort, and for relief from this awful, miserable pain. On the bright side, NO GROWTH IN THE CULTURES!! This is awesome. In the next few days his numbers should start to rise. Right now the WBC count is only 0.2 so not as good as we hoped. But it’s a start. It’s not Zero!! So KEEP PRAYING!!  Lacy

—–Please pray for a young man, who is being afflicted by the enemy. Psychologically he is not going well also, and is dealing with a phisical illness in his skin. It’s a very complicated situation, and his mother asked me if we could pray for them both and his grandma.  Carol

Prayer Request
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