And as they led him away, they laid hold upon one Simon, a Cyrenian, coming out of the country, and on him they laid the cross, that he might bear it after Jesus. Luke 23:26.
Jesus had hardly passed the gate of Pilate’s house when the cross which had been prepared for Barabbas was brought out and laid upon His bruised and bleeding shoulders. He had borne His burden but a few rods, when, from loss of blood and excessive weariness and pain, He fell fainting to the ground. When He revived, the cross was again placed upon His shoulders, and He was forced forward. He staggered on for a few steps, bearing His heavy load, and then fell as one lifeless to the ground. The priests and rulers felt no compassion for their suffering victim, but they saw that it was impossible for Him to carry the instrument of torture farther. They were puzzled to find anyone who would humiliate himself to bear the cross to the place of execution.
The crowd that followed the Saviour to Calvary taunted and reviled Him because He could not carry the wooden cross. They all saw the weak and staggering steps of Christ, but compassion did not reveal itself in the hearts of those who had advanced from one step to another in their abuse and torture of the Son of God….
A stranger, Simon, a Cyrenian, coming to the city from the country, hears the crowd pass the taunts and ribaldry; he hears the contemptuous repetition, “Make way for the King of the Jews.” He stops in astonishment at the scene, and as he expresses his compassion in words and deeds, they seize him and compel him to lift the cross which is too heavy for Christ to bear…. That wooden cross borne by him to Calvary was the means of Simon taking upon himself the cross of Christ from choice, to ever cheerfully stand beneath its burden. His compulsory companionship with Christ in bearing His cross to Calvary, in beholding the sad and dreadful work and the spectators beneath the cross, was the means of drawing his heart to Jesus. Every word from the lips of Christ was graven upon his soul…. And the heart of Simon believed.
Conflict and Courage p. 325
Prayer Requests
—–Asking for special prayer for my baby cousin, Jasmine. She’s only 13, and was rushed to the hospital yesterday with blood clots in her lungs, and now has pneumonia too. Her prognosis this morning doesn’t look good at all, we could very well lose her today. She was so healthy and active, this is a great shock for her entire family. Please lift her family up as well, so they may have strength. Lynn
—–I just made an appointment for today for the numbness in my back, ribs, arms and legs when sitting. I have mild scoliosis so it may possibly be related to that, but I don’t know. Please pray that it’s not serious. David
—– I need prayer for healing and work. I had cateract surgery today on my left eye. I need favor with Bonnie and Sandra until I can get back to work. Ann
—–my niece Nancy has a cancerous tumor in her kidney & will have surgery soon. Please pray that the physicians will get the entire tumor. If they don’t she will have radiation & chemo. Charlie
Jauneta’s mom passed away this morning, it was not really un-expected but still very sad for her. Need prayers are for her and her family to feel God’s comfort. Barb
—–Please pray for the Standish family. L
Dear Friends,
I lived with my grandparents until I was 10. They lived in a large, wooden house that had room enough and to spare. A room that always fascinated me was the attic. I was not allowed to go in there alone, but when my grandmother would puff her way up the stairs, and unlock the door, I knew that I was in for an adventure.
The attic was dark, even on sunny days because the window was small and the single light hanging from the ceiling did not penitrate the dusty gloom. There were boxes and some old furniture, nothing of value. But the object that meant a great deal to my grandmother was a dusty, grey trunk that looked to my childish imaginings like a pirate’s treasure chest.
I watched with expectation as my grandmother opened that trunk. Inside were her special treasures. There were some pictures and letters that were written during the civil war by some relative. There was a watch fob made of her mother’s hair. So many delights to see! But my favorite was a dress that had belonged to her cousin. It was a pale peach color, covered with a pattern of glass beads. My grandmother would hold that dress and tell me how happy she had been to receive it when she was a teenager.
Jesus said, “Therefore every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old.” Matt 13:52 God’s Word contains treasure far greater than any earthly prize. In it’s pages we find the way to eternal life! Inside the Book of Books, we see our Dear Saviour Who loves us so much that He gave Himself for us.
No matter how many times we read the Bible, we continually discover new things. There are depths of meaning that are constantly awaiting our discovery. In the familiar, old passages we find new discoveries. God’s Word is as eternal as its Author. As we read it, we bring forth thoughts new and old. As we read it, we become changed into the image of our Maker.
Let us hide its words in our heart. Let us daily discover the treasure contained therein. Let us share that treasure with those around us at every opportunity is my prayer.

The Cross Bearer
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