Preach the word, be urgent in season and out of season, convince, rebuke, and exhort, be unfailing in patience and in teaching. 2 Timothy 4:2, R.S.V.
To defy the Sunday laws will but strengthen in their persecution the religious zealots who are seeking to enforce them. Give them no occasion to call you lawbreakers. If they are left to rein up men who fear neither God nor man, the reining up will soon lose its novelty for them, and they will see that it is not consistent nor convenient for them to be strict in regard to the observance of Sunday. Keep right on with your missionary work, with your Bibles in your hands, and the enemy will see that he has worsted his own cause. One does not receive the mark of the beast because he shows that he realizes the wisdom of keeping the peace by refraining from work that gives offense, doing at the same time a work of the highest importance.
When we devote Sunday to missionary work, the whip will be taken out of the hands of the arbitrary zealots who would be well pleased to humiliate Seventh-day Adventists….
Sunday can be used for carrying forward various lines of work that will accomplish much for the Lord. On this day open- air meetings and cottage meetings can be held. House-to-house work can be done. Those who write can devote this day to writing their articles. Whenever it is possible, let religious services be held on Sunday. Make these meetings intensely interesting. Sing genuine revival hymns, and speak with power and assurance of the Saviour’s love. Speak on temperance and on true religious experience. You will thus learn much about how to work, and will reach many souls….
The law for the observance of the first day of the week is the production of an apostate Christendom. Sunday is a child of the Papacy, exalted by the Christian world above the sacred day of God’s rest. In no case are God’s people to pay it homage. But I wish them to understand that they are not doing God’s will by braving opposition when He wishes them to avoid it.
Wonderful scenes are opening before us; and at this time a living testimony is to be borne in the lives of God’s professed people, so that the world may see that in this age, when evil reigns on every side, there is yet a people who are laying aside their will and are seeking to do God’s will–a people in whose hearts and lives God’s law is written.
Maranatha p. 178
Prayer Requests
—– I have a special need that has come up regarding our children Dacia and Kevin.Please pray for them that God will provide for their need. Ed
—– Please keep my wife Debbie in your prayers. She was diagnosed with Eosinphilic Esophagitis. This is a thickening of the wall around the esophagus has an allergic reaction sending white blood cells to the esophagus as an immune reaction to some allergen. Tom
—–update—Gaylene is out of the hospital and doing better. Doug
——Please pray for Al because he pulled a muscle in his back and the sciatica is acting up. Fran
—–Please lift up Akim Z, the hospitalized 23-year-old son of a professor at the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies in the Philippines. Akim is battling for life with a high fever and an infection that has baffled doctors. Pray for the all-knowing Physician to intervene. Susan
Dear Friends,
Over the years, I have made charts and graphs of the ages of the patriarchs found in Genesis because that sort of thing really interests me. A few months ago, I did it a little differently and they seemed to come alive. I thought I would share it with you.
Adam was 130 when Seth was born.
Adam was 235  and Seth was 105  when Enos was born.
Adam was 325, Seth was 195, and Enos was 90 when Cainan was born.
Adam was 395, Seth was 265, Enos was 160, Cainan was 70 when Mahalaleel was born.
Adam was 460, Seth 330, Enos 225, Cainan 135, and Mahalaleel 65 when Jared was born.
Adam was 622, Seth 492, Enos 387, Cainan 297, Mahalaleel 227, and Jared 162 when Enoch was born.
Adam was 687, Seth 557,  Enos 452, Cainan 362, Mahalaleel 292, Jared 227, and Enoch 65 when Methuselah was born.
Adam was 874, Seth 744, Enos 639, Cainan 549, Mahalaleel 479, Jared 414, Enoch 252, and Methuselah 187 when Lamech was born.
Adam died when Lamech was 56 years old. Enoch was taken to Heaven when Lamech was 113. Lamech was 168 when Seth died. 
Enos was 821, Cainan 731, Mahalaleel 661, Jared 596, Methuselah 369, and Lamech 182 when Noah was born.
Enos died when Noah was 84.  Noah was 179 when Cainan died. He was 234 when Mahalaleel died and 366 when Jared died. 
Methuselah was 872, Lamech 685, and Noah 503 when Shem was born.
Methuselah died when Noah was 600 and Shem was 97 which was the year of the flood.  Noah was 601 and Shem 98 when they came out of the ark.
Noah was 603 and Shem was 100 when Arphaxad was born. 
Noah was 638, Shem 135, and Arphaxad 35 when Salah was born.
Noah was 668 , Shem 165, Arphaxad 65, and Salah 30 when Eber was born.
Noah was 702, Shem 199, Arphaxad 99, Salah 64, and Eber 34 when Peleg was born.
Noah was 732, Shem 229, Arphaxad 129, Salah 94, Eber 64, and Peleg 30 when Reu was born.
Noah was 764, Shem 261, Arphaxad 161, Salah 126, Eber 96, Peleg 62, and Reu 32 when Serug was born.
Noah was 794, Shem 291, Arphaxad 191, Salah 156, Eber 126, Peleg 92, Reu 62, and Serug 30 when Nahor was born.
Noah was 923, Shem 320, Arphaxad 220, Salah 185, Eber 155, Peleg 121, Reu 91, Serug 59, and Nahor 29 when Terah was born.
Noah died when Terah was 27. Peleg died when Terah was 118. Nahor died when Terah was 119
Shem was 450, Arphaxad 350, Salah 315, Eber 285, Reu 221, Serug 189, and Terah 130 when Abraham was born.
Reu died when Abraham was 18.  Serug died when Abraham was 50. Terah died when Abraham was75.  Arphaxad died when Abraham was 88. 
Shem was 550, Salah 415, Eber 385, and Abraham 100 when Isaac was born.
Eber died when Isaac was 19.  Shem died when Isaac was 50. 
Abraham was 160 and Isaac was 60 when Jacob was born. 
Abraham died when Jacob was 15.
Isaac was 151 and Jacob was 91 when Joseph was born.
Isaac died when Joseph was 29. Jacob died when Joseph was 56.
I hope this has been a blessing to you as it has been to us.

Sunday Missionary Work
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