Prayer Requests

—–I just found out yesterday that my maid’s (Licha ) family has multiple health and home problems.The first is Licha’s mother having debilitating unspecified aged health problems. Second is her husband was involved in an accident about a week ago that required surgery on his lower right leg. On his last doctor’s visit the doctor was concerned that it was not healing properly and intimated he may need further surgery. This has caused him to be out of work reducing the family income to what Licha brings home. Last: early Monday morning a drunk driver ran off the road hitting her daughter’s car pushing both cars over their gas meter causing a fire which totaled the daughter’s car. I was told that Licha’s car may have been involved but no information available at this time. The driver is in jail and the gas company will not repair/replace their gas meter until the driver pays for the repairs.. . . At the time of the wreck, her blood pressure went so high they took her to the hospital but I have not heard the exact outcome other than she was back home.Bill

—–Last night Jan called me but the phone was shut off.   called her this morning, she is in _____.  found out she is in the hospital, had chest pain, low blood sugar, tingleing left arm..   the dr.’s are not sure what is going on.  Please pray for her. John

—–Jack had another biopsy on his throat Mon morning and will have the results in a couple of wks. He has 2 lesions on his brain and the doctor says they’ll cause the seizures. So for he has had only the one last month. He has to start radiation on his head soon that will take 10 treatments. Last year when he had the radiation treatments he did not tolerate them well and they had to stop them after only a very few. Fran

—–Please join me in prayer for Jerry who has lung cancer. Fran

——I have been sick for 5+ weeks because my pacemaker keeps shocking me.  My doctor is delaying doing anything.  I am so sick I can barely do anything.  Please put me on your prayer list.  Louise

—–Please pray for the Christians in Iraq as a new radical there is threatening to behead all Christians.  B & Z

——Please pray for Tim and his family.  He has been put on hospice.  Rose


Prayer Requests