Ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain; so the Lord shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in the field. Zechariah 10:1.
In the East the former rain falls at the sowing time. It is necessary in order that the seed may germinate. Under the influence of the fertilizing showers, the tender shoot springs up. The latter rain, falling near the close of the season, ripens the grain, and prepares it for the sickle. The Lord employs these operations of nature to represent the work of the Holy Spirit….
While we cherish the blessing of the early rain, we must not, on the other hand, lose sight of the fact that without the latter rain, to fill out the ears and ripen the grain, the harvest will not be ready for the sickle, and the labor of the sower will have been in vain. Divine grace is needed at the beginning, divine grace at every step of advance, and divine grace alone can complete the work….
Do not rest satisfied that in the ordinary course of the season, rain will fall. Ask for it…. We must seek His favors with the whole heart if the showers of grace are to come to us. We should improve every opportunity of placing ourselves in the channel of blessing. Christ has said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst.” Matthew 18:20. The convocations of the church, as in camp meetings, the assemblies of the home church, and all occasions where there is personal labor for souls, are God’s appointed opportunities for giving the early and the latter rain….
At every meeting we attend our prayers should ascend that at this very time, God will impart warmth and moisture to our souls. As we seek God for the Holy Spirit, it will work in us meekness, humbleness of mind, a conscious dependence upon God for the perfecting latter rain. If we pray for the blessing in faith, we shall receive it as God has promised.
The Holy Spirit will come to all who are begging for the bread of life to give to their neighbors.
The Faith I Live By p. 334
Prayer Requests
—-I’m sending a post my sister wrote about my nephew, Tony. I would appreciate prayer for him and also for my sister. Her cancer symptoms have returned and she would appreciate prayers too. “Please pray for my son, Tony. Following his heart attack, he had to wear a monitor for 2 weeks. It picked up many rhythm problems and they have to install an ICD…implantable cardioverter-defibrillator. . . .They will schedule a cardiac MRI first to rule out any other problems. He is only 46 years old, but has had to live with so much stress, caring for his wife who has younger onset Alzheimer’s. The heart attack happened while he was visiting her in the Memory Care Facility. She is now in palliative care and they suspect will be in hospice care within months.” Carol
—-Please lift up my daughter Jessica. Her marriage is horrible she has two babies with this man and he’s very manipulative and controlling has cut all funds off to her has refused to let her put an older son that’s not his in the Adventist school where he’s been for two years and he gets tuition aid he treats her son horribly he threatens that he’s going to take the boys away if she tries to leave. They set up counseling appointments they’ve been to one and he keeps canceling them. It’s a horrible situation I don’t know what the answer is we need God to intervene big time. Shari
—-Please pray for Weldon as he has Cancer. He has several tumors, but they found Cancer in his throat. Roberta
—-Please Pray for my sister Sandra. Doctor found a tumor on her liver. Nohemi

Outpouring of the Latter Rain