Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 1 Corinthians 13:1.
There is a counterfeit Christianity in the world as well as a genuine Christianity. The true spirit of the man is manifested by the way in which he deals with his fellow man. We can ask the question, “Does he represent the character of Christ in spirit and action, or simply manifest the natural selfish traits of character that belong to the people of this world?” Profession weighs nothing with God. Before it is everlastingly too late for wrongs to be righted, let each one ask himself, “What am I?” It depends upon ourselves as to whether we shall form such characters as will constitute us one of God’s royal family above.
If we would become Christlike, we must study Christ’s character…. It is necessary that we should closely examine ourselves, and enquire, “Is this Christ’s way? Would Christ pursue this course of action? What kind of an impression am I leaving upon the minds of those with whom I am connected? Shall I pursue a course of action that will weaken the confidence of anyone with whom I deal and cause them to think lightly of the Christianity that I profess? Shall I be uncourteous, un-Christlike, unmerciful toward the purchase of the blood of Christ?”
I would speak words of warning to the brethren of our churches, for I fear that many are acting the part of the slothful servant who hid his lord’s talent in the earth. His sin was the sin of neglect, the sin of failing to improve the great treasures of knowledge that were committed to his trust. God has given precious light to His people with which to enlighten the world, and are not many treating it with indifference, and acting as though the heavenly gift were of little consequence? …
Fair weather disciples will not answer to the Lord’s call in time of peril toward which we are hastening. It will take those who not only hear but do the words of Christ to be active disciples—“Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord” (Romans 12:11). A new energy proceeding from beneath is taking possession of the whole synagogue of Satan, and a new life descending from heaven is taking possession of every human agent who is consecrated, devoted, and who is seeking to work the works of God….
Let those who minister in word and doctrine mix faith with earnest prayer, and seek to put to use every ray of light that comes from the Written Word. The voice of God calls from heaven, and demands the use of every entrusted capability. Every talent is to be used to its uttermost.—Manuscript 6, February 21, 1895, “Genuine and Counterfeit Christianity.”
The Upward Look p. 66
Prayer Requests
—-My job interview has been postponed. JT
—-My dear mother and I are in a very bad and extremely stressful situation. My mom is in a hospital on a Bipap machine helping her breathe and stay alive till she can be weaned off which takes time. I have Power of Attorney over my mother’s health care and decisions. I have been told by my mother for years what she wants done if and when she would end up in a hospital which is to do everything possible to keep her alive including her being a full code if needed. She has a Dr. who is doing everything he can possibly do to have her wants and wishes done away with. He wants me to let him give her morphine …take her off the breathing machine and let her die. All this is totally against all her wishes and mine too. He is doing his best to turn everyone he can in the hospital against me. He has lied to me about her condition and he has not prescribed the care and medications that were needed to bring her through this. He is a family doctor and she should have been given a pulmonologist by the hospital. Well he told me I was not making the right decisions for my mom and if I didn’t go along with what he wants for my mom which is to let her die that soon someone else would have to take over and make the decision instead of me. It was a threat to have Adult Protective Services come in and try to take over the decision making. Right after that a Tele med doctor was contacted about what was best for my mom and this Dr. was an specialist in COPD which my mom has and he is a top notch Pulmonologist. He said my mom will get over this in just a short time and he prescribed several medications and breathing treatments every 4 to 6 hours around the clock. He said that in a few days my mom would be well enough to start eating on her own again. Well my mom has started improving right away and she is awake and alert much more now. Well the other Dr. is very angry about this new regiment for my mom and he has drawn in another Dr. to try and talk me into letting my mom die and take her off these new meds which are helping her so much. I cannot tell you how awful it is to be in this situation. All I am trying to do is carry out my mother’s wishes and I am being treated terrible for it by many of the workers in this hospital. Now I have been confronted by Adult Protective Services who were turned against me by this Doctor! They will be coming back any day now to try and talk to my mom. Please, please pray for this terrible situation that is going on! It has been terrible! My mom is so afraid that they will be taking her off her breathing machine so that she will die! This has been a living nightmare for us! Please pray for us and please pray for my moms eternal salvation and healing! And that only God’s will be done and not theirs!!! This euthanasia movement is VERY STRONG! But I know that God is MUCH STRONGER!!! I just want peace in my life I am so tired of everyday being so stressful! Thank you so much for your prayers about this situation. Connie

Genuine Christianity