God shall bring every work into judgment, with every it be good, or whether it be evil. Ecclesiastes 12:14
In the case of each individual there is a process going forward which is far more wonderful than that which transfers the features to the polished plate of the artist. The art of the photographer merely imprints the likeness on perishable substance; but in the life-record the character is faithfully delineated, and this record, however dark, can never be effaced except by the blood of the atoning Sacrifice.
Angels of God are taking a daguerreotype of the character just as accurately as the artist takes the likeness of the human features; and … it is from this that we are to be judged!
When the Judgment shall sit, and the books shall be opened, there will be many astonishing disclosures. Men will not then appear as they appear to the human eyes and finite judgments. Secret sins will then be laid open to the view of all. Motives and intentions which have been hidden in the dark chambers of the heart will be revealed.
All will appear as a real life-picture.
In that solemn and awful hour the unfaithfulness of the husband will be opened to the wife, and the unfaithfulness of the wife, to the husband. Parents will then learn, for the first time, what was the real character of their children, and children will see the errors and mistakes that marked the lives of their parents. The man who robbed his neighbor through false representations, is not to escape with his ill-gotten gains. God has an exact record in His books, of every unjust account and every unfair dealing.
Memory will be true and vivid in condemnation of the guilty one, who in that day is found wanting. The mind will recall all the thoughts and acts of the past; the whole life will come in review like the scenes in a panorama.
Maranatha p. 340
Prayer Requests
—– My daughter had a skin cancer removed two years ago. It has come back and is just about 1 inch below her left eye. It is cancerous and needs to be removed again. She will have to go to Topeka for the procedure and there is a strong possibility she could lose her eye sight . Please keep her in prayer. We also need prayers for a private family issue between my granddaughter and her husband. Please pray he will seriously consider the ramifications of his actions and his responsibilities to his family. Linda
—–Please pray for Eileen as she has a bulging disk. Pray that the doctor will refer to the right specialist. Rose
—– Prayers for Afghanistan, Pakistan and India as they had a 7.7 earthquake. BJ
—– Please pray for my former Pastor and his wife, (Pastor Neal Howard and Janice) of Lantern Park Baptist Church of Lake City, FL., on the passing of their daughter Jenny……these are dear Godly people that need to be in our thoughts and prayers. Larry
Dear Friends,
Since this is the week before Halloween, I thought I’d share a link to some information about that holiday that you might find interesting. It is http://www.amazingfacts.org/news-and-features/news/item/id/13173/t/halloween-and-the-christian . It is my hope that you will prayerfully consider what is written there.

Every Work will be Brought into Judgment
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